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Business Tycoon Game

Business Tycoon Game About this game You start off with a single store and you’ll have to do everything yourself. As you progress, you start buying upgrades that will improve the sum of money you earn. After a while, you can buy more upgrades or hire managers who will be taking care of the cash

Pen Run

Pen Run About this game There will be numerous obstacles waiting for you on the way that can stop you and end the game. Start playing and avoid them all! The game is offering you a fairly small playing field, so you won’t have much space to navigate through. Start playing and show everyone what

Backflip Maniac game

Backflip Maniac game About Backflip maniac game The first levels will be fairly easy, since you won’t be jumping from the highest buildings just yet. As you progress, the levels will get progressively higher. It’s very important to hit the red target, else you won’t be able to move to the next level. The controls

Ninja Cube

Ninja Cube About this game You just need to aim a bit and shoot him right up into the air. His advantage is that he can switch directions mid-air and attack an otherwise well-hidden enemy. Try to collect all shurrikens so that you get awarded all of the available stars. The main goal of this

Sure Shot game

Sure Shot game About this game Play as a soldier fighting against other teams. It’s all up to your preferred game-mode. Pick, whether you want to play with your friends in your team, or all alone. The objective is to neutralize as many enemies as you can and to finish the game with as many

Zombie Derby 2 game

Zombie Derby 2 game About this game It won’t be easy, since there aren’t just zombies blocking your way, but other obstacles as well. Try to do everything you can to finish the level in one piece. The graphics are nice and the controls are rather simple. Previous Next Controls New Games! Mad Truck Challenge

Glamor Hannah Montana game

Glamor Hannah Montana game About this game Your task is to choose the best clothes for a big fashion show. Previous Next Controls New Games! Glamor Hannah Montana game game Skydom game game

Gods of Arena 2 game

Gods of Arena 2 game About this game Earn money, win fights and use weapons of the highest quality in each fight. The game offers an online and an offline mode. If you have an offline account, all of your progress gets saved to your browser cache. It’s better to go for an online account,

Doge Miner 2 game

Doge Miner 2 game About this game But as you’ll see yourself, it won’t be that easy. Mine gold and buy better and better equipment. A rocket is not a cheap thing to buy, so you’ll have to work your way towards getting it. After you get to the moon, you’ll be mining some more.

Tavern Master

Tavern Master About this game  It can be a classy place meant to serve kings or a restaurant which specializes in great food. Optimize your seating arrangement to allow your staff to be as fast as possible, upgrade and expand to attract even more patrons and spread your business to include a hotel, a weapon