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Iron Superhero Game

Iron Superhero Game About this game Your main objective will be to save hostages and get rid of all of your enemies. Right at the start, you will move to a designated location where the game will provide you with a mission. After that, enemies will show up on the map and you will be

Deadswitch 3 Game

Deadswitch 3 Game About this game You will have many modes, maps and weapons at your disposal. Since this is a multiplayer game, be sure to call a friend and play the game together! Ranked – you play with real players or against bots – you can upgrade your character or its special skills –

Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story Game

Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story Game About this game The hero of the story is called Akecheta, who is a Lakota(Native American). The Akecheta tribe is attacked and its people are killed while he is hunting. The attackers also took Akecheta’s wife with them. Akecheta embarks on a perilous journey to bring his wife back

Strong Defense Game

Strong Defense Game About this game You’ll be guarding the castle gates against a never-ending horde of enemies. The enemy lines include monsters like trolls that will move slowly or flying creatures that will be more difficult to hit. So try concentrate as much as you can and don’t forget to buy upgrades, since they

Defentures Game

Defentures Game About this game In this game, you are building your kingdom and attacking the present enemy units. You need to find a way how to get as far as possible. Protect yourself and attack whenever the enemy least expects it. Find a way how to win, there’ll be a ton of options available

Offroad Cycle 3D game

Offroad Cycle 3D game About this game You’ll sit on your mountain bike and will start driving through mountain passes. The goal will be to avoid all obstacles and to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Each level has its time limit, so don’t wait up too much. You also need

The Untitled Happiness Project game

The Untitled Happiness Project game About this game Follow them during their day routine, explore the town and talk with residents to gain information which will help you solve their case and make them happy again. Previous Next Controls New Games! The Untitled Happiness Project game Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype game Stickman vs Stickman 2

Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype game

Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype game About this game  Find four keys to open a way out. Each key is hidden in a unique level. Can you discover labyrinth’s secrets, overcome it’s puzzles and find the keys? This is just a prototype, not a fully developed game. Previous Next Controls New Games! Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype

Stickman vs Stickman 2 game

Stickman vs Stickman 2 game About this game Try to get rid of all of the enemies in a given level. To do so, you will have to use as few bullets as you can, since their amount is limited. You won’t always be able to shoot your enemy up front, so try to use

Stickman vs Stickman

Stickman vs Stickman game About this game Your hero will be shooting his weapon, but you only have a limited number of bullets, so be sure to think about how you’re going to use them. In each of the levels, there are some obstacles that you need to use or avoid, to shoot your enemies.