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Share on reddit Funny games Multiplayer games About Watch out for the teachers though… and be sure to prepare Timothy for it, since you don’t want to be left stuck in detention. Thanks to the 2D action sandbox game controls and a great map editor you can push, pull, break, spill, shoot, build, drive… etc.! Find

Crash Bandicoot Game

Crash Bandicoot Game Adventure games Classic games Funny games About Crash Bandicoot game This is the flash version. The principle is the game is the same, collect apples, lives and get through levels. Previous Next Controls for Crash Bandicoot New Games!

Smash Karts Game

Smash Karts Game Boy games Funny games Animal games About this game Since it’s a multiplayer game, you are playing in an arena full of opponents from all around the world. Try to pick up some bonus items and use them to destroy your opponents’ carts. Also, be sure to avoid getting destroyed yourself. Your

Kogama: Among Us Game

Kogama: Among Us Game Adventure games Funny games About this game This time, it has been inspired by the popular PC game called Among Us. You will be playing as a little character tasked with completing mini-games. You can also fight with other players, shoot at them, or jump around obstacles in the arena. The

Monkey Go Happy: Pyramid Escape Game

Monkey Go Happy: Pyramid Escape Game Adventure games Mobile games Animal games Funny games About this game You are stranded on an island of sand in a desert, looking at a pyramid. Search around the area and try to solve logical puzzles to get to the end! Click onto individual objects and try to find

Monkey GO Happy Devils Gold Game

Monkey GO Happy: Devils Gold Game Adventure games Animal games Mobile games Funny games About this game Use them to your advantage and solve all of the logical puzzles. Take care not to get in harm’s way and show everyone what you’ve got. The game is not limited by a time limit, so start playing

Doctor Acorn 2 Game

Doctor Acorn 2 Game Adventure games Classic games Funny games Mobile games About this game It won’t be easy though. You always have to find a way how to do it. Try to avoid thorns and dangerous areas, since you could end up repeating the level. Get into it and show everyone that you can

Kogama: Skyland Game

Kogama: Skyland Game Funny games Minecraft games About this game Don’t forget that you have to neutralise enemy players. They will appear again, but your level will keep rising. Register and spin the wheel to get bonus weapons. The best thing to do however is to play the game with your friend. Agree on a

Scratcharia Game

Scratcharia Game Adventure games Funny games Minecraft games About this game But you must not worry if you get killed because you have enough lives. On the other hand, don’t waste them and try to explore this world. This game shows that perfect graphics is not always needed for a game to be really cool.

Mine Clone 3 Game

Mine Clone 3 Game Adventure games Funny games Minecraft games About Mine Clone 3 game In the third game of the series, you will be able to change the world around you according to your dreams and desires. In Mine Clone 3 game you can customize the map, the type of terrain and the length