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Castle of cards Game

Castle of cards Game Card games Funny games About this game Find pairs of the same color or value. Their total value is important. Lower totals must come to the upper floors and the castle will not fall down. You can play sequentially through challenging levels or just have fun with the training mode. The

Cat Runner Game

Cat Runner Game Animal games Running games Funny games About this game Your objective will be to pick up bones and to dodge individual obstacles. Aside from static obstacles, you’ll also have to avoid gigantic rats or mad dogs. If you touch any of your enemies, the game will take one heart away from you.

Maze Cube Game

Maze Cube Game Classic games About this game The problem is that you can only move forwards and there’s no way of stopping. Aside from that you cannot touch any of the walls of the maze, else the game ends and you’ll have to start again. The game has a single goal for you, to

The Untitled Happiness Project game

The Untitled Happiness Project game About this game Follow them during their day routine, explore the town and talk with residents to gain information which will help you solve their case and make them happy again. Previous Next Controls New Games! The Untitled Happiness Project game Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype game Stickman vs Stickman 2

Hole Run 3D game

Hole Run 3D game About this game You have to suck up all of the objects ahead of you so that the ball doesn’t touch anything. The first levels will be simple, but as the number of obstacles grows larger and larger, the game will get more and more difficult. If it touches anything, the

Bean Jump game

Bean Jump game About this game Your objective will be to jump around platforms floating on water. There’s a problem however, since you can only jump on a platform once. After you jump away from it, it will disintegrate. There are many other rules that make the gameplay more engaging. The game is offering you

Pen Run

Pen Run About this game There will be numerous obstacles waiting for you on the way that can stop you and end the game. Start playing and avoid them all! The game is offering you a fairly small playing field, so you won’t have much space to navigate through. Start playing and show everyone what

Backflip Maniac game

Backflip Maniac game About Backflip maniac game The first levels will be fairly easy, since you won’t be jumping from the highest buildings just yet. As you progress, the levels will get progressively higher. It’s very important to hit the red target, else you won’t be able to move to the next level. The controls

Glamor Hannah Montana game

Glamor Hannah Montana game About this game Your task is to choose the best clothes for a big fashion show. Previous Next Controls New Games! Glamor Hannah Montana game game Skydom game game

Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake About this game Take care not to run into other players that can easily kill you. You need to develop slowly, earn a high enough score and find a way how to grow. In case you get killed by your opponent you’ll see your final score. Try to also earn enough medals.