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Super Star Car Game

Super Star Car Game Boy games Racing games About this game You can expect a realistic and difficult 3D racing simulator. Play this great racing game with a ton of choice regarding vehicles and tracks. It’s fairly simple! You can click on he Career mode and start winning your first races. If you win enough,

Traffic Collision 2 Game

Traffic Collision 2 Game Racing games Destroy games About this game The game won’t be easy by any means, so prepare yourselves for that. The road has just three lanes and you need to use them all to avoid colliding with other vehicles on the road. After each 100 yards, you will get a bonus!

City Minibus Driver Game

City Minibus Driver Game Boy games Racing games About this game There are 3 modes at your disposal. The first one being free ride and the other a racing mode where you will have to finish first and win. You can also play the game with a friend on a single PC. All you have

Unfair Stunt Game

Unfair Stunt Game Boy games Racing games About this game All of that with great graphics. The game is 100% free and isn’t hiding any fees or additional payments from you. Jump over bridges and be a part of great explosions. While you’re at it, don’t forget to collect stars, since you get extra score

Crazy Demolition Derby V1 Game

Crazy Demolition Derby V1 Game About this game Of course, you are trying to destroy your opponents’ cars, not your own. These demolitions and wins will bring you more money that you can later use for buying upgrades and changing the style and power of your vehicle. You can also buy an entirely new car.

Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby Game

Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby Game About this game  In each level, there will be a kill count that you’ll have to fulfill, so that you win and move further up.  Of course, you will be rewarded with money that you can later use to unlock new vehicles. There’s a total of 6 of them available.

Offroad Cycle 3D game

Offroad Cycle 3D game About this game You’ll sit on your mountain bike and will start driving through mountain passes. The goal will be to avoid all obstacles and to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Each level has its time limit, so don’t wait up too much. You also need

Zombie Derby 2 game

Zombie Derby 2 game About this game It won’t be easy, since there aren’t just zombies blocking your way, but other obstacles as well. Try to do everything you can to finish the level in one piece. The graphics are nice and the controls are rather simple. Previous Next Controls New Games! Mad Truck Challenge

Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Madalin Cars Multiplayer About this game The game will allow you to enjoy some phenomenal driving.  After you pick your car you’ll be able to join the great multiplayer world that this game offers. Explore your surroundings and try to show off your driving skills. The game offers great graphics and simple gameplay. Previous Next

Extreme OffRoad Cars 2

Extreme OffRoad Cars 2 Game About this game You can choose between multiple vehicles that can be used. You’ll be driving around hills, pits and many other natural obstacles that can force you to stop. Pick the right type of vehicle and try to get over all of the obstacles. You need to reach the